Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Updated Membership page and New Book!

The Membership page has been updated!

The 3 new things this month are:
Celebrate Earth Day.
Dress to impress with the latest enviromental fashions up to date.
Get friendly with new eco-friendly furniture and flooring for your igloo.
There's als a new book out!It's called"The Big Book of Activites!"

It teaches you how to make your own Penguin Times!
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New Sneak Peak!

Club Penguin has released a new sneak peak of Herbert's Revenge! Here it is:

What is THAT?
They'll be posting new sneak peeks every Saturday until "Herbert's Revenge" is released. They don't want to give too much away yet, but they say BIG things are in the works for all secret agents.
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Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Newspaper, New Postcards, and New Pin!

The New Newspaper is out!

There will be a Earth Day party this year on April 22!

This month Furniture Catalog is special: It's made from recycled items!

The weeks In Focus is about sports on Club Penguin!

Upcoming Events:

April 8th: New Pin
April 9th: New Penguin Mail
April 16th: Furniture Catalog
April 16th: Igloo Upgrades Catalog

There are some new postcards too.

A super new and coo, one is "Turn Green!"

The new pin is at the Dock. It is the Frog Pin.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

New Reviewed by You!

Cp released a new Reviewed by You! Here it is:
Last week we asked to hear about a time when you'd been exploring. Kirschli told us:

My buddies and I once went exploring during a summer party to find the free items and hidden rooms, and we went all over the island, and even went to a red vs. blue snowball match in someones igloo in the middle of summer! We found so many decorations, and a purple octopus as well! It was so much fun for the five of us, and I don't think we will ever forget it!

We've been seeing lots of you around the island with the Green Hard Hat and other new stuff from the Gift Shop. The team thinks it's cool to see you working together and we'd love to know what else you and your buddies are up to.
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April Sneak Peak!

The April FooLS Party has ended...

and now, Cp has shown up some new sneak peaks of what's happening later this month.
Check this out...

Oh, CP heard from lots of penguins that you really like the new stuff in the latest edition of Penguin Style - lots of you watering in the new Water Suits and making trees with the Green Hard Hats.
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Friday, April 2, 2010

New Newspaper!

Yesterday the new newspaper came out!
This week, cause it's April Fools, Club Penguin Sure put alot of work in making the newspaper ready!

The April Fools party will continue until April 4th!

As a joke, CP added a "Sensi's Upcoming Events" page.

Upcoming Events:
April 8th: The New Pin.
April 9th: New Postcards, Maling System.
April 16th: New Furniture Catalog, New Igloo upgrades Catalog.
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